New Timer

MarinaraTimer is a free productivity tool from the digital product development agency, 352 Inc.

Three Five Two Inc. is a digital product development agency where agile teams of inspired people create amazing online experiences and digital marketing campaigns. One digital product development team used the Pomodoro Technique to manage their time. They loved its benefits, but found that standard Pomodoro intervals interrupted creative flow and decreased output.

They wanted a custom online timer that was like Pomodoro, just a bit more fluid. Rather than sitting around hoping for one to appear, they decided to cook up something of their own.

In just three days, a team of designers, software engineers and digital marketers created Marinara Timer, which has helped thousands of people stay productive through customized workflows. Voila… Marinara!

We wanted to create a free resource to help our peers work more efficiently, and we hope you like what we’ve cooked up!

Questions? 877.352.6334