Your Custom Productivity Timer

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Traditional Pomodoro method timer with standard time periods. Each Pomodoro is a 25-minute cycle followed by a 5-minute break. After the fourth Pomodoro, you’ll take a 15-minute break.

Custom Timer

Customizable time periods to match your team's needs. Simply add a name for each period and the length of time you want that period to last in hours, minutes, and seconds.

Kitchen Timer

Timeboxing timer – just set it and forget it.


Workplace time management is a real challenge. Emails, texts, phone calls and even snack breaks prevent us from focusing on – and effectively executing – a single task at a time. For decades, countless people have used the Pomodoro technique to improve work and project productivity.

As working creatives, we found the Pomodoro method to be too rigid. 25-minute work segments with five or 15-minutes breaks are not ideal for all individuals, companies or industries.

That’s why we created the Custom Timer, a Pomodoro-style timer you can tailor to fit your productivity needs. You can set time segments that fit your workflow, reduce distractions and share your productivity timer with teammates to complete tasks more efficiently.

Reduce distractions, limit interruptions and complete tasks more efficiently – with Marinara online productivity timer.

Pomodoro Timer

The Pomodoro timer is a well-known productivity interval that has been shown to improve your productivity. It gives you a prescribed interval of 25 minutes of work followed by a 5-minute break. After 4 work intervals, there is a 15-minute break. If you want to get started on a Pomodoro Timer, just click the Pomodoro button above.

Custom Timer

Sometimes the Pomodoro timer works great, but sometimes you want something a little more fluid. If you need an online timer with some flexibility, click the Custom Timer button above.

Kitchen Timer

This works just like any ol’ timer. Tell it how long to go, and get working.